§ 124.010  USE OF TAXIMETER.
   (a)   When a taximeter is cleared, the indication "not registering," "vacant," or an equivalent expression shall be shown. Whenever a taximeter is set to register charges, it shall indicate "registering," "hired," or an equivalent expression and the rate at which it is set shall be automatically indicated.
   (b)   When a taximeter is set for fare registration with the time mechanism inoperative, it shall indicate "time not recording" or an equivalent expression.
   (c)   Fare indications shall be identified by the word "fare" or by an equivalent expression. Values shall be defined by suitable words or monetary signs.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 8.714; 1992 Code, § 43-8)  (Ord. 84-82, passed 8-9-1982; Ord. 24-14, passed 4-15-2014)  Penalty, see § 10.999