§ 124.005  TAXICAB RATES.
   The maximum rates of fare for transporting passengers by taxicab from place to place within the city shall be as follows.
   (a)   Maximum fare.
      (1)   For seven passengers or less, for the first one-ninth mile or any fraction thereof, the sum of $2.95;
      (2)   For each succeeding one-ninth of a mile or fraction thereof, the sum of $0.35;
   (b)   Charges for waiting time. Charges for waiting time shall be, for each minute, the sum of $0.40. The waiting time shall include the time when a taxicab is not in motion, beginning with the time of arrival at the place to which it has been called or the time consumed while it is standing still at the direction of the passenger. No charge shall be made for the time lost because of the inefficiency of the taxicab or its operation or any time consumed by premature response to a call.
   (c)   Posted schedule. There must be conspicuously displayed at all times in the compartment of the taxicab occupied by the passenger a printed card or sign showing the maximum rates of fare allowed under § 124.005 and the actual rate of fare charged by the taxicab. The licensing specialist shall prescribe the format of the posted schedule.
   (d)   Receipt for payment of rates. If requested by the passenger, the driver shall provide a receipt containing date, business name, vehicle license number, distance traveled, fare total, sales tax, and total payment. 
   (e)   Overcharging. No person shall charge, or attempt to charge, a passenger of a taxicab a higher rate of fare than is specified on the posted schedule or allowed under this section.
   (f)   Deceit as to direct route. No person owning or driving or operating a vehicle for hire shall deceive by trick or device any passenger who may ride in any such motor vehicle or who may desire to ride in any such motor vehicle as to his or her destination or the fare allowed under this section for such person, or shall convey such person or cause him or her to be conveyed to a place other than that directed by him or her, or in any other manner convey such person to the place directed by him or her except by the shortest and most direct route unless directed to take a different route by the passenger.
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