No mobile food vendor shall:
   (a)   Vend on the public right-of-way within 50 feet of a licensed restaurant property line or 50' from a sidewalk patio, whichever is greater, unless the restaurant is closed for business.
   (b)   Operate a mobile food truck or vending stand within 300 feet of any sanctioned event held in the Central Business District without obtaining permission from the event sponsor;
   (c)   Operate in or abutting a city park without proper permissions and permits from the parks and recreation department.
   (d)   Place any object that blocks the pedestrian pathway;
   (e)   Utilize signage in addition to what is already permanently displayed on the mobile food truck;
   (f)   Conduct mobile food vending from an unhooked concession trailer in the public right-of- way;
   (g)   Operate without commercial license plates.
(Ord. 118-15, passed 12-1-2015)  Penalty, see § 117.999