The following criteria must be followed for placement of tables and chairs in a sidewalk café or sidewalk pub:
   (a)   A maximum ratio of up to one chair per ten square feet shall be allowed in the café or pub area;
   (b)   A minimum of one table per café area must be ADA accessible;
   (c)   All tables and chairs must be commercial grade and designed for outdoor use;
   (d)   At the discretion of the city community development director, or designee, furniture may be subject to design review under §§ 160.410 through 160.424 of this Code;
   (e)   No table or chair shall be allowed within 12 inches of any traffic lane curb as measured from the back of the curb unless an appropriate buffer or barrier approved by the city is in place;
   (f)   Stacking of furniture shall be for temporary storage when the café area is not operating; stacking of furniture for extended periods of time is prohibited. Stacking of furniture shall be in such a way as to reduce aesthetic impacts and safety hazards; and
   (g)   Furniture is not allowed to be stored on the furniture zone before or after the effective date of lease.
(1992 Code, § 29-78)  (Ord. 2-10, passed 2-8-2010)