General Provisions
   77.001   Safeguarding unattended vehicle
   77.002   Places where restricted
   77.003   Places where stopping, standing or parking prohibited
   77.004   Relative rights of vehicles to single parking space
   77.005   Manner of parking generally
   77.006   Angle parking
   77.007   Parking within markings
   77.008   Obstructing snow removal and street cleaning
   77.009   Parking of commercial vehicles or materials prohibited
   77.010   Stopping, standing or parking near hazardous or congested places
   77.011   Length of vehicle
   77.012   Report of violation
   77.013   Parking for persons with physical disability
Public Parking Advisory Board
   77.025   Created
   77.026   Composition
   77.027   Meetings
   77.028   Terms of office
   77.029   Compensation
   77.030   Officers
   77.031   Quorum
   77.032   Bylaws
   77.033   Minutes; records
Parking Restricted or Limited
   77.045    Designation of prohibited parking
   77.046    Designation of limited parking
   77.047    Emergency snow routes
Loading and Unloading
   77.060   Parking in and blocking alleys prohibited
   77.061   Designation of loading/delivery zones
   77.062   Stopping, standing and parking in loading/delivery zones
   77.063   Designation of public carrier stops and stands
   77.064   Use of public carrier stands
   77.065   Restricted use of bus and taxicab stands
Parking Meters
   77.080   Designation of zones
   77.081   Maintenance and regulation
   77.082   City engineer establishes time limitations
   77.083   Placing and indicating parking time
   77.084   Marking of parking spaces
   77.085   Parallel parking spaces
   77.086   Purchase of time; overparking
   77.087   Violations
   77.088   Temporary loading permits
   77.089   Outstanding parking violations
   77.090   Courtesy tickets
Parking Ticket Appeals
   77.105   Parking ticket appeals; time for payment or appeal
   77.106   Administrative appeals procedures apply; separate processing fee authorized
   77.999   Penalty
   Administration, see title III
   Parking vehicles in parks, §§ 95.008, 95.025
Statutory reference:
   Stopping and parking restrictions, see SDCL ch. 32-30