The mayor shall have the power to prescribe executive orders for an interim successor and for the creation of departments of the administration, as provided in city charter §§ 2.03 and 4.01. The mayor shall also have the power to prescribe rules and regulations that the mayor deems necessary or expedient for the conduct of employees in departments and administrative agencies subject to his or her authority. The mayor shall have the power to revoke, suspend or amend any executive order, provided the executive orders do not conflict with city charter or ordinance. All executive orders shall be filed with the city clerk.
(1992 Code, § 2-35)  (Ord. 26-95, passed 2-21-1995; Ord. 117-99, passed 11-15-1999; Ord. 121-99, passed 12-6-1999; Ord. 19-11, passed 4-11-2011; Ord. 24-12, passed 4-2-2012)