This Code constitutes a complete recodification of the general and permanent ordinances of the City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
   Source materials used in the preparation of the Code were the 1992 Code, as supplemented, and ordinances subsequently adopted by the city council. The source of each section is included in the history note appearing in parentheses at the end thereof. By use of the parallel references tables appearing in the back of this Code, the reader can locate any section of the 1957 Code, as supplemented, or any section of the 1972 Code, as supplemented, or any section of the 1992 Code, as supplemented, which had a different section number and any subsequent ordinance included herein.
   The chapters of the Code have been conveniently arranged, and the various sections within each chapter have been catchlined to facilitate usage. The Code is organized into the following titles with chapters, subchapters, and sections:
Title IX General Regulations
Title I General Provisions
Title XI Business Regulations
Title III Administration
Title XIII General Offenses
Title V Public Works
Title XV Land Usage
Title VII Traffic Code
Table of Special Ordinances
   Notes which tie related sections of the Code together and which refer to relevant state law have been included. A table listing the state law citations and setting forth their location within the Code is included at the back of this Code in the parallel references tables.
   Page Numbering System
   The titles in the Code are separately paginated for ease of supplementation. If, for example, the city adds material to Title III during a supplement, then the page numbers in Title III will shift accordingly and the page numbers in the remaining titles (V through XV) will remain stable.
   The index has been prepared with the greatest of care. Each particular item has been placed under several headings, some of which are couched in lay phraseology, others in legal terminology, and still others in language generally used by local government officials and employees. There are numerous cross-references within the index itself which stand as guideposts to direct the user to the particular item in which the user is interested.
   Looseleaf Supplements
   A special feature of this publication is the looseleaf system of binding and supplemental servicing of the publication. With this system, the publication will be kept up-to-date. Subsequent amendatory legislation will be properly edited, and the appropriate page or pages affected will be reprinted. These new pages will be distributed to holders of copies of the publication, with instructions for the manner of inserting the new pages and deleting the obsolete pages.
   Keeping this publication up-to-date at all times will depend largely upon the holder of the publication. As revised sheets are received, it will then become the responsibility of the holder to have the amendments inserted according to the attached instructions. It is strongly recommended by the publisher that all amendments be inserted immediately upon receipt to avoid misplacing them and, in addition, that all deleted pages be saved and filed for historical reference purposes.