The adopted Model Traffic Code, 2020 version, is subject to the following additions or modifications:
Part 1101. Speeding limits.
   A.   Twenty five (25) miles per hour in any business district or residential district. (All non-state roads. Highway 24 speeds have been set by the Colorado Department of Highways)
   B.   Fifteen (15) miles per hour in all alleys.
   C.   A special school zone, or zones, as defined by Part 6, Chapter 615 of the Model Traffic Code, as adopted by the Town of Simla, has been established on State of Colorado Highway 24, at crossing locations as approved by the Board of Trustees. Each school crossing and school zone has been designated and identified by appropriate signage, as approved by the Town and the Colorado Department of Transportation. The speed in any designated and marked school zone shall not exceed twenty five (25) miles per hour. The signs posted at both ends of a school zone identify the speed limit in the school zone and inform those driving in the school zone that fines and surcharges shall be doubled when compared to non-school zones on Highway 24.  (Ord. 329, 1-4-2022)