(A)   No person or corporation shall fill any natural watercourse or in any manner impair, accelerate, or alter the natural flow of water in any watercourse, without the written consent of the Building Inspector and the construction, at the expense of the person or corporation, of those permanent additions to the sewer system of the city and the granting of those easements in connection therewith, as may be required by the Building Inspector for the purpose of providing drainage and passage for water that might otherwise have been naturally drained and accommodated, with banks, by the watercourse.
   (B)   In determining whether or not to grant such consent, the Building Inspector shall take into consideration the rights of lower riparian owners within the city, or shall notify the owners of the three next lower riparian properties (under wholly different ownership) of the upper riparian owner's request to fill or impair, accelerate, or alter the flow of water in the watercourse and shall withhold the granting of any consent for not less than 30 days after such notification.
('91 Code § 151.03)  (Ord. 2222, passed 1-18-68)  Penalty, see § 152.99