20.39.100   Off-street parking.
   A.   On-Site Parking Areas. Parking areas shall be provided on private property in paved areas for all of the vehicles operated by the business and all employees of the business. In addition, parking shall be provided for visitors or customers of the business.
   B.   Number of Parking Spaces. The number of parking spaces shall be determined through the Site Plan and Design Review procedures in Chapter 20.52, but shall not be less than the more restrictive of the parking requirement listed in Chapter 20.70, or one parking space for each one thousand square feet of warehouse or manufacturing area within a building and one parking space for each two hundred and fifty square feet of office area within a building.
   C.   Public Streets. Public streets shall not be used for loading or unloading of trucks related to the business, parking or storage of trucks related to the business or for employee parking.
(Ord. 2007-02-1372 3; Ord. 2006-11-1368 § 1)