9.20.010   Definitions.
   As used in this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning set out below:
   A.   "Emergency" means one or more unforeseen circumstances or resulting state requiring immediate action, such as a fire, natural disaster, accident or situation requiring immediate action to prevent or treat serious injury or loss to person or property.
   B.   "Establishment" means any privately owned place of business to which the public is invited, including but not limited to places of amusement or entertainment.
   C.   "Guardian" means a person ordered to be such by a court or a public or private agency with whom the minor has been placed.
   D.   "Minor" means any person under eighteen years of age.
   E.   "Parent" means a person who is a natural, adoptive or step-parent or someone at least eighteen years old authorized by a parent or guardian to have care, custody or control of the minor.
   F.   "Public place" means any place to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access and includes, but is not limited to, streets, highways and the common areas of school, apartment houses, office buildings, transport facilities and shops.
(Ord. 98-05-1234 § 1 (part): Ord. 98-04-1233 § 1 (part))