9.20.030   Curfew exceptions.
   Section 9.20.020 shall not apply when:
   A.   The minor is accompanied by his or her parent(s), legal guardian, or other person having legal care or custody of the minor;
   B.   The minor's parent(s) or legal guardian has given the minor written permission to remain in a public place or establishment during curfew hours. Notwithstanding any liability imposed under Sections 9.20.060 and 9.20.080 of this chapter, the parent or guardian providing written consent hereunder may be held liable for acts of the minor performed during curfew hours, as follows:
   1.   Civilly liable to the extent provided under state law, including but not limited to, liability imposed by California Civil Code Section 1714.1 for any willful misconduct of the minor which results in injury or death to another person, or damage to the property of another,
   2.   Criminally liable as a misdemeanor for any criminal act of a minor to the extent provided under state law;
   C.   The minor is involved in an emergency, or is on an emergency errand directed by his or her parent, guardian, or other adult person having legal care or custody of the minor;
   D.   The minor is attending, going to or returning home without any detour or stop from an official meeting, school activity, civic organization, educational, religious or recreational activity supervised by adults;
   E.   The minor is engaged in lawful employment activity or is going to or returning from a lawful employment activity without any detour or stop;
   F.   The minor is on the sidewalk adjacent to his/her residence;
   G.   The minor is an "emancipated minor" as that term is defined in Family Code Section 7002;
   H.   The minor is in a motor vehicle involved in interstate travel; or
   I.   The minor is exercising his/her First Amendment rights, such as freedom of speech, right of assembly or free exercise of religion.
(Ord. 98-05-1234 § 1 (part): Ord. 98-04-1233 § 1 (part))