Building and Property Maintenance Codes
   150.01   Adoption
   150.02   Definitions
Building Maintenance
   150.03   In general
   150.04   Applicability
   150.05   Handrails and guardrails
   150.06   Light, ventilation, and occupancy limitations
   150.07   Plumbing facilities and fixture requirements
   150.08   Toilet rooms
   150.09   Plumbing systems and fixtures
   150.10   Water system
   150.11   Sanitary drainage system
   150.12   Storm drainage
   150.13   Mechanical and electrical requirements
   150.14   Fire safety requirements
   150.15   Exterior structure maintenance
   150.16   Interior structure maintenance
   150.17   Vacant structures
Unsafe Structures and Equipment
   150.18   Unsafe structures and equipment abatement
   150.19   Emergency measures
   150.20   Demolition
Public Nuisances
   150.21   Findings of fact
   150.22   Nuisances prohibited
   150.23   Nuisances
Property Maintenance
   150.24   Litter control
   150.25   Care of premises
Additional Violations
   150.26   Additional violations
   150.27   Each day a separate violation
   150.28   Authority to enforce
   150.29   Presumptions
   150.30   Enforcement options
   150.31   Misdemeanor violations
   150.32   Inspections
   150.33   Voluntary compliance
   150.34   Administrative consent orders
   150.35   Civil complaints
   150.36   Civil complaints—Court appearance or failure to appear
   150.37   Authority to issue criminal complaints
   150.38   Jurisdiction and procedure of municipal court
   150.39   Procedure for abatement petitions filed in municipal court
   150.40   Procedure for emergency abatement petitions filed in municipal court
   150.41   Civil penalties
   150.42   Criminal penalties
   150.43   Restitution
   150.44   Notice to abate
   150.45   Service of notice to abate
   150.46   Effect of notice to abate
   150.47   City may abate
   150.48   City assessment for abatement
   150.49   Assessment lien
   150.50   Emergency abatement
   150.51   Notice to abate; abatement regarding criminal activity
   150.52   City may abate or bring action; abatement regarding criminal activity
   150.53   City recordation of action
   150.54   Assessment for abatement regarding criminal activity
   150.55   Notice of designation of slum property
   150.56   Service of notice to designate slum property
   150.57   Declaration of structure unfit for human habitation
   150.58   Administrative hearing officer—Authority and filing
   150.59   Administrative hearing officer—Hearing procedure
   150.60   Administrative hearing officer—Time extensions
   150.61   Appeal from decision of the administrative hearing officer
Public Works Construction
   150.62   Adoption of Uniform Standard Specifications
Dedication and Improvement
   150.63   Definitions
Statutory reference:
   Authority to regulate building construction, see A.R.S. § 9-276(A)(14)