(a)   There is hereby adopted by reference, as if the same were fully described herein, the N.F.P.A. 101 Life Safety Code, being particularly the 1997 edition thereof. Such Code, together with this Part Sixteen - Fire Prevention, shall be the Fire Prevention Code of the City, save and except for such portions thereof as are hereinafter deleted or amended, and from the date this chapter takes effect the provisions thereof shall be controlling within the limits of the City. At least three copies of such Code shall be on file with the Clerk-Treasurer.
   (b)   Subsequently published amendments or supplements to the 1997 edition of the Life Safety Code, or revisions of the same, and later editions thereof, are hereby adopted and the provisions thereof shall be controlling in the City without further action of Council, provided, however, that the copies of such Code on file in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer shall be kept current by the integration of all such amendments, supplements or revisions and that in the event of publication of later editions of such Code, the Clerk-Treasurer shall keep copies of such later editions on file.