No recipient of any license sander this chapter shall permit in the licensed hall or alley any disturbance of the peace, drunkenness or fighting or the sale, use, presence or drinking of any alcoholic liquors therein, except when a proper license has been issued for the sale thereof or allow or permit therein any lewd or obscene picture or practice, gambling of any kind, or the use of any checks or chips, except in exchange for merchandise. No person operating any pool hall, billiard hall or bowling alley shall keep the windows or doors of his place of business obstructed by screens or curtains in front of the pool tables, billiard tables or bowling alleys, or between such tables and alleys, or in front of the windows or doors of the building in which they are placed, or have within or connected with such pool hall, billiard hall or bowling alley any closed room other than those used for storage purposes only.
(1958 Code § 7.7)