A.   Definition: When used in this section, "recyclables" shall mean material having economic value in the secondary materials market, acceptable for collection by the village's recycling contractor. A listing of these materials is on file in the village.
   B.   Recycling Program Established: There is hereby established a recycling program for the mandatory separating of recyclables from garbage and rubbish for residents in the village.  The contractor shall provide to the village recycling services, including weekly pick up and sorting, for all occupied units within the village.
   C.   Recycling Containers: The contractor agrees to provide, at its own expense, one 96-gallon or 64-gallon wheeled cart to each single-family residence in the village for the purposes of recycling collection.  Previously delivered carts may be exchanged for a fee. The carts will remain the property of the contractor and the contractor will be responsible for the replacement of carts that become worn or damaged through normal usage. The contractor will make available for rent additional 96-gallon carts to homeowners for the purposes of disposing of recyclables for a fee of four dollars ($4.00) per month with a one year minimum rental agreement.  The contractor shall be solely responsible for the billing and collection of fees from the homeowners that agree to rent the carts.
   D.    Separation of Recyclables;  Placement of Containers for Removal:  All products in the village designated as recyclable shall be prepared and separated from all other refuse by residents and placed in village approved and issued containers, as required, and shall be collected by the village's curbside recycling contractor. Recyclables shall be placed in recycling containers at curbside to be collected at times designated.
   E.   Mandatory Recycling: It shall be unlawful for any person to place, for collection, removal or disposal, any residential, household or solid waste, refuse or garbage which also contains recyclable materials.
   F.   Collection by Unauthorized Persons: From time of placement of acceptable Recyclables at the curb for collection in accordance with the terms hereof, said acceptable "recyclables" as defined herein, shall be and become the property of the village's curbside recycling contractor. It shall be a violation of this section for any person unauthorized by the village to collect or pick up or cause to be collected or picked up any such items. Any and each such collection in violation hereof from one or more locations shall constitute a separate and distinct offence punishable as hereinafter provided.
   G.   The contractor shall also provide to the village recycling services to each occupied unit on a once per week basis. All recyclable items must be placed in the provided cart and placed out for collection at the curb by six o'clock (6:00) A.M. on the designated collection day during the scheduled collection day.  The contractor shall be responsible for communicating the routes and the collection schedules to the village and the residents. The contractor will be responsible for the collection and sorting of recyclables for all occupied units within the village.
   H.   The contractor will make available educational materials to explain elements of the refuse, recycling, and yard waste program, and explain acceptable materials and procedures for the proper preparation of the materials to be disposed of or recycled. (Ord. 14-1719, 1-28-2014; amd. Ord. 19-1954, 10-22-2019)