(A)   (1)   If an owner or agent has not entered into a separate agreement with the public utility referred to in § 150.07, a temporary permit may be issued to an owner or agent to allow the owner/agent to start or continue utility service to any single- or multi-family unit for the purpose of protecting an occupied unit from the elements or to allow the owner/agent to show the premises after the previous occupant has moved out.
      (2)   In addition, the owner/agent who is issued a temporary permit may perform cleaning, repairing and maintenance services to the premises.
   (B)   The temporary permit shall require the owner/agent to place all utilities in the owner/agent's name and assume financial responsibility for all such utilities. The temporary permit shall not authorize any person to occupy the premises.
   (C)   A temporary permit may be revoked as provided in § 150.09 and applications for temporary permits may be rejected by village staff as set forth in § 150.05.
   (D)   A temporary permit shall expire upon the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the premises.
   (E)   Village staff responsible for enforcement of permits of occupancy may promulgate such rules, regulations and procedures as he or she deems necessary to implement this section.