(A)   Any peace officer having reason to believe that the height, length, width, or weight of any motor truck, semi-trailer truck, or trailer is in excess of the maximum limits prescribed by §§ 40.220 through 40.223 or permitted by any special permit issued under § 40.225 and in the possession of the operator, may measure it or weigh it either by portable or stationary scales, and may require it to be driven to the nearest scales, if such scales are within a distance of five (5) miles from the point at which the vehicle is first directed to stop.
   (B)   If the officer shall determine that the operation of the motor truck, semi-trailer, or trailer, was unlawful, he shall require the operator of that motor truck, semi-trailer truck, or trailer to unload that portion of the load as may be necessary to decrease the gross weight of the vehicle to the maximum gross weight permitted under the terms of § 40.221, or he may, at the election of the operator, permit the operator to unload the excess load.  The excess load shall be unloaded at the sole risk of the owner.
(KRS 189.223)  Penalty, see § 40.999