§ 40.221  GROSS WEIGHT
   (A)   No person shall operate on any street or public way in the city, any of the following trucks, trailers, mobile homes, or vehicles:
      (1)   Any truck, semi-trailer truck, or truck and trailer unit which exceeds 36,000 pounds gross weight, including the load; or
      (2)   Any truck, semi-trailer truck, or tractor-trailer unit which exceeds a gross weight equal to the sum of six hundred (600) pounds per inch of the combined width of the tires upon which such vehicle may be propelled, but in no event more than 80,000 pounds.
   (B)   Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, any truck hauling building materials under KRS 189.221(34), or to a road construction project on a street or public way in the city rated less than the maximum weight provided above, may haul up to 80,000 pounds gross weight, including the load, without a permit.
(KRS 189.221)
   (C)   The city, as authorized by KRS 189.280(3), may, by ordinance, increase the weight regulations set forth in this section, but such an increase shall be subject to the limits set forth in KRS 189.222(1).
Penalty, see § 40.999