(A)   The Mayor may, in his discretion, upon application in writing and good cause being shown therefor, issue a special permit in writing, authorizing the applicant to operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles of a size, weight, width, length, or height exceeding the maximum provided for in this subchapter.  Application for such permit shall state the proposed maximum axle loads, minimum axle loads, minimum axle spacing of each such vehicle, vehicles, or combination thereof, and the height, length, and width of such vehicle with its loads, also the specific streets or public ways over which permit for operation is requested, and the time of such operation.  The application shall show whether the permit is requested for a single trip or for continued operation.
   (B)   The Mayor is authorized to issue or withhold such permit in his discretion or to limit the number of trips, or to establish seasonable or other time limitations and routes within which and over which the vehicles described may operate on the public ways indicated, or may otherwise limit the prescribed conditions of operation of such vehicles when necessary to insure against undue damage to the street, foundations, surfaces, or structure.  He may require a fee for the operation of such vehicle if in his opinion it may damage the public ways.  He may require the posting of a bond with sufficient surety to be approved by him to indemnify the city against any damage which may occur to person or property by reason of the operation under the special permit.
   (C)   Every such permit shall be carried in the vehicle or combination of vehicles to which it refers and shall be open to inspection by any peace officer, and it shall be a misdemeanor for any person to violate any of the terms or conditions of such special permit.
Penalty, see § 40.999
Statutory reference:
   Increased height, length and weight limits on designated highways, see KRS 189.222
   Maximum weight permitted on highway, see KRS 189.210(2)
   Special permits to exceed limits, see KRS 189.270