A.   Application: Any person desiring to make connection to the water mains and/or sewer lines must make application, in writing, and pay for the cost of tapping in advance.
   B.   Corporation Stops And Tapping Bands: The city shall furnish all necessary corporation stops and tapping bands.
   C.   Tapping Fees 1 : Tapping fees shall be as determined from time to time by resolution of the city council.
   D.   Supervision By City: The city will supervise the tapping into municipal water and/or sewer lines.
   E.   Charges Additional: The costs hereinabove mentioned are additional to the charges specified in subsections 1-12-11B, C and D of this code, if applicable. (Ord. 685, 8-3-1992; amd. 2008 Code)



1. See section 1-12-11 of this code for fees.