(a)   Refuse.
      (1)   No furniture designed for indoor use, mattresses, household furnishings, rugs, appliances, dilapidated automobiles or automobile parts, or tires shall be placed or stored in any outside area contiguous to any structure within the city over a period in excess of 24 hours; provided, however, that those of the items are set forth herein which are usually and ordinarily placed for refuse hauling may be so placed for a period of time not to exceed the next regularly scheduled refuse hauling date.
      (2)   Exterior property areas of all premises shall be kept free of debris, objects, materials or conditions that, in the opinion of the Mayor and/or his or her designee, create a health, accident or fire hazard, are a public nuisance or constitute a blighting or deteriorating influence on the neighborhood. Broken glass, nuisance stumps, filth, garbage, trash and debris shall not be permitted on any property.
   (b)   Vegetation.
      (1)   All trees, shrubs, plants, or parts thereof which, as a result of death, decay, breaking, placement or neglect, is a hazard or endangers any person, animal or property, or causes a blighting effect on the neighborhood, shall be trimmed in conformity with Chapter 1026, and dead, decayed or broken portions thereof shall be removed.
      (2)   Grass and weeds shall be maintained, controlled and cut in conformity with Chapter 662.
   (c)   Appurtenant structures.
      (1)   All structures located in the outside area contiguous to any residential and commercial structure within the city, such as sheds, barns, garages, bins and the like, shall be maintained in good repair in conformity with other provisions of this chapter having regard to foundations, roofs and exterior surfaces.
      (2)   Any broken, deteriorated, or decayed fence, yard enclosure or other device or structure located in the outside area contiguous or any residential or commercial structure within the city shall be repaired or removed.
   (d)   Automobile parking.
      (1)   No motor vehicle or trailer shall be parked in any part of the yard area contiguous to a residential or commercial structure within the city, other than that area designated by custom and use as the driveway or parking lot, for a cumulative amount of time greater than six hours in any 48-hour period. All driveways must comply with 1022.01.
      (2)   Other than as provided in division (d)(1) hereof, the parking and storage of all motor vehicles, trailers and other equipment shall be in accordance with the provisions of the traffic code as set forth in Part Four of these Codified Ordinances and the Ohio Revised Code, provided that no junk motor vehicle shall be parked thereon. A junk motor vehicle is a vehicle that meets any of the following criteria and has remained in such condition for a continuous period of 14 days:
         A.   Apparently inoperable;
         B.   Does not display a valid license plate;
         C.   Partially damaged and/or wrecked including but not limited to any of the following: missing wheels, tires, engine, transmission, or other mechanical parts.
   (e)   Ground surface hazards. Holes, cracks, excavations, breaks, projections and obstructions at any place on the premises which, in the opinion of the Mayor and/or his or her designee, are a hazard using the premises, shall not be permitted.
(Ord. 23-89, passed 9-5-1989; Ord. 26-2008, passed 8-4-2008; Ord. 31-2023, passed 12-18-2023; Ord. 10-2023, passed 2-5-2024)