442.01   Use of white canes.
442.02   Duty of pedestrians and motorists re blind persons.
442.03   Obedience to traffic control devices and regulations.
442.04   Right of way of pedestrians in crosswalks.
442.05   Pedestrians crossing at other than crosswalks.
442.06   Pedestrians walking along or on highway.
442.07   Pedestrians soliciting rides or business.
442.08   Right of way of pedestrians on sidewalks.
442.99   Penalty.
   Rights and duties of pedestrians - see Vehicle Code §§ 3541 et seq.
   Pedestrian control signals - see TRAF. 444.03 
   Duty of pedestrians upon the approach of an emergency vehicle - see TRAF. 466.03
    Pedestrian ways - see TRAF. 440.08