(a)   A mobile food vehicle may be inspected by the City's Fire Department at any time during its operation in the City in order to determine whether the vehicle is being operated in compliance with the ordinances of the City.
   (b)    No mobile food vehicle shall operate on public or private property within 500 feet of a Special Event, unless approved as part of that Special Event, or within 500 feet of any fixed, permanent restaurant location.
   (c)    All mobile food vehicles shall offer a waste container for public use that the operator shall empty at the operator's expense and not into any City-owned waste container.
   (d)    No mobile food vehicle shall make or cause to be made any excessive noise, lighting, or other method of attracting the attention of the public, except for ice cream trucks that are in compliance with the requirements of this Chapter, Section 1111.05 of the Traffic Code, and the City's noise regulations.
   (e)    Mobile food vehicles shall not be permitted free-standing temporary signage except one menu board, with a maximum size of six square feet, placed adjacent to the mobile food vehicle.
   (f)   The City reserves the right to relocate a mobile food vehicle to an alternate location as determined by the City if the approved location needs to be used for emergency purposes or other public benefit.
   (g)    The operation of mobile food vehicles shall at all times be in compliance with all applicable governmental rules and regulations, including but not limited to those of the County Public Health Department and the State.
(Ord. 20-88. Enacted 10-26-20.)