Conditional Uses are those uses having some special impact or uniqueness that requires a careful review of their location, design, configuration, and special impact to determine the desirability of permitting their establishment on any given site. Permits for Conditional Uses may be granted pursuant to the requirements of Section 1213.05, Conditional Uses. General standards for conditional use permits are found in Section 1213.05.H, Standards for Conditional Use Permits. Standards for specific conditional uses may be found in Chapter 1263, Conditional Uses, or elsewhere as referenced herein.
   In order to help provide and protect a residential environment of two-family dwellings, the following may be permitted only as Conditional Uses in the TF Two-Family Residential District:
   A.   Day care centers and schools operated as part of a Place of Worship, pursuant to Section 1263.08.
   B.   Municipal service uses, pursuant to Section 1263.12.
   C.   Places of Worship, pursuant to Section 1263.19.
   D.   Planned Unit Developments, pursuant to Section 1213.09, Planned  Development Review and Chapter 1242, Planned Unit Development Overlay District.
   E.   Schools, primary and secondary, private, pursuant to Section 1263.21.
   F.   Small Lot Infill Developments, pursuant to Section 1213.09, Planned Development Review and Chapter 1244, Small Lot Infill Development Overlay District.
   G.   Utilities (including substations, transmission facilities and related facilities).
   H.   Similar uses approved by the City Planning Commission and City Council pursuant to Section 1213.05.D.2.
      (Ord. 18-25.  Enacted 4-23-18.)