(A)   The enforcement authority shall establish in its operating budget a fund designated as the Unsafe Building Fund. Any balance remaining at the end of a fiscal year shall be carried over in the Fund for the following year and does not revert to the General Fund.
   (B)   Money for the Unsafe Building Fund may be received from any source, including appropriations by local, state, or federal governments, and donations. The following money shall be deposited in the Fund:
      (1)   Money received as payment for or settlement of obligations or judgments established under §§ 153.35 - 153.38 and 153.55 - 153.60 of this code;
      (2)   Money received from bonds posted under § 153.23 of this code; and
      (3)   Money received in satisfaction of receiver’s notes or certificates that were issued under
§ 153.58 of this code and were purchased with money from the Unsafe Building Fund.
   (C)   Money in the Unsafe Building Fund may be used for the expenses incurred in carrying out the purposes of this chapter, including:
      (1)   The cost of obtaining reliable information about the identity and location of each person who owns a substantial property interest in unsafe premises;
      (2)   The cost of an examination of an unsafe building by a registered architect or registered engineer not employed by the department;
      (3)   The cost of surveys necessary to determine the location and dimensions of real property on which an unsafe building is located;
      (4)   The cost of giving notice or orders, notice of statement of rescission, notice of continued hearing, and notice of statements that public bids are to be let in the manner prescribed by § 94.40;
      (5)   The bid price of work by a contractor under §§ 153.37 or 153.55 - 153.59;
      (6)   The cost of emergency action under § 153.35; and
      (7)   The cost of notes or receiver’s certificates issued under § 153.58.
   (D)   Payment of money from the Unsafe Building Fund must be made in accordance with applicable law.
(1987 Code, § 7-72) (Ord. 28, 1988, passed 11-14-1988)