Chap. 1301. Ohio Building Code.
Chap. 1303. Numbering of Buildings.
Chap. 1305. International Property Maintenance Code.
Chap. 1307. Residential Code of Ohio.
Chap. 1309. Demolition of Structures.
Chap. 1311. National Building Code.
      Chap. 1315. Public Nuisances and Unsafe Buildings.
      Chap. 1317. Nuisances Generally.
Chap. 1319. Abatement of Nuisances.
Chap. 1321. National Electrical Code.
Chap. 1331. Housing Code.
Chap. 1341. Nuisances and Unsafe Premises. (Repealed)
Chap. 1351. Overhanging Signs and Canopies. (Repealed)
Chap. 1361. Fire District.
Chap. 1371. Commercial Maintenance Standards.
Chap. 1375. Apartments.
Chap. 1381. Smoke Detectors.
Chap. 1391. Satellite Signal Receiving Earth Stations.
Chap. 1392. Oil and Gas Wells; Mineral Extractions.
Chap. 1395. Removal or Repair of Unsafe Structures.
Chap. 1399. Flood Damage Reduction.