(A)   Conditional approval.  Reasonable conditions may be required with the approval of a special land use by the Planning Commission.  See § 153.097.
   (B)   Final approval, denial, or approval with conditions to be in writing.  When an application for a special use permit is finally approved, denied, or approved subject to conditions, the decision must be incorporated into an official written statement which contains the conclusions relative to the special use permit request.  The decision shall specify the basis for the decision, and any conditions which may be imposed in the case of approvals.
   (C)   Duration.  An approved special use permit is valid for one year.  A valid special use permit is eligible for an additional six-month extension granted by the Planning Commission as a reasonable length of time within which to secure a county building permit or to institute the special use.  Also see § 153.098.
   (D)   Inspection.  At least two site inspections by the Zoning Administrator must be held: one prior to development, and one before the use or structure is occupied.  If development is phased or in stages, then one inspection per phase or stage shall be made.
   (E)   Cancellation of special use permit.  See §§ 153.301(A)(7), and 153.312 and 153.999.
(1993 Code, § 154.221)  (Ord. 84-1, passed 1-3-1984)