(A)   No decorative landscape feature, to include fences or retaining walls, shall be placed or maintained for corner lots, within a triangular area bounded on two sides by the intersecting street right-of-way lines and on the third side by a line connecting points on each right-of-way line which are 20 feet from their intersection; or for all other lots, within the area between the lot line and curbline, unless:
      (1)   It is located at least two feet from the inside edge of the sidewalk or, if there be no sidewalk, at least five and one-half feet from the curbline;
      (2)   It is no more than 30 inches high, measured above the nearest surface of pavement of the nearest street, or 12 inches high if located within eight feet from a fire hydrant;
      (3)   It does not occupy in excess of 50% of the front footage of the lot;
      (4)   It does not materially obstruct the vision of operators of motor vehicles whether from a street or private driveway; and
      (5)   In the case of a decorative fence, at least 50% of the total vertical area of the fence is open.
   (B)   No decorative landscape feature shall be placed or maintained within the restricted area if the Planning and Building Official shall determine that the decorative landscape feature constitutes, or would constitute, a hazard to pedestrians. In addition, all decorative landscape features must comply with any applicable provisions of Chapter 25 of this code.
(Ord. 3342, passed - -1994)