A service building shall be provided for all travel trailers in a trailer park. Such building and the facilities therein shall comply, not only with the following requirements, but also with the provisions of this municipal code pertaining to buildings or facilities of such types, and with all rules and regulations of the Nebraska Department of Health.
   (A)   Construction. The service building shall be of permanent type construction and shall be properly protected from damage by ordinary uses and by decay, corrosion, termites, and other destructive elements. Exterior portions shall be of such materials, and be so constructed and protected, as to prevent entrance or penetration of moisture and weather.
   (B)   Laundry and sanitary facilities. The service building shall contain laundry facilities and separate shower facilities. It also shall contain a minimum of three flush toilets and three lavatories for each sex, and three urinals for the male sex, per each 100 travel trailer spaces, or part of such number. The service building shall be located not more than 200 feet from any travel trailer.
   (C)   Walls; partitions; ventilation. All rooms containing sanitary or laundry facilities shall have sound-resistant walls extending to the ceiling between male and female sanitary facilities. Walls and partitions around showers, bathtubs, lavatories, and other plumbing fixtures shall be constructed of dense, nonabsorbent, waterproof material, or be covered with moisture-resistant material. All such rooms shall have not less than one window that can be easily opened, or a mechanical device that will adequately ventilate the room.
   (D)   Toilets; shower stalls. Toilets shall be located in separate compartments equipped with self-closing doors. Shower stalls shall be of the individual type. Rooms containing toilets or showers shall be screened to prevent direct view of the interior when the exterior doors of the building are open.
   (E)   Water. Hot and cold water shall be furnished to every lavatory, sink. bathtub, shower, and laundry fixture, and cold water shall be furnished to every water closet and urinal, in a service building.
   (F)   Illumination. Illumination levels in service buildings shall be maintained as follows:
      (1)   General task areas shall be illuminated by not less than five foot-candles;
      (2)   The laundry room work area shall be illuminated by not less than 40 foot-candles; and
      (3)   The area in front of mirrors in the toilet rooms shall be illuminated by not less than 40 foot-candles.
(Ord. 3639, passed - -2000)