(a) General Provisions
   25-9-1   Mobile homes; occupancy; location
   25-9-2   Mobile homes; natural gas lines
   25-9-3   Mobile homes; mechanical systems
   25-9-4   R-6 Mobile Home District; requirements; general
(b) Mobile Home Parks
   25-9-7   Lots; numbering
   25-9-8   Drives; connection to streets; name; improvement; maintenance
   25-9-9   Sidewalks; requirements; obstruction
   25-9-10   Drainage; required
   25-9-11   Driveways; drainage; permit
   25-9-12   Utilities; lines and facilities, water supply, sewage disposal and plumbing, and electrical system
   25-9-13   Fire hydrants; location
   25-9-14   Service buildings; recreation facilities
   25-9-15   Buildings; responsibility
   25-9-16   Solid waste; containers
   25-9-17   Fuel tanks and drums; storage
   25-9-18   Park office; register
   25-9-19   License; certificate of occupancy; required
   25-9-20   License; application; form; fee
   25-9-21   Application; park plan; submission; fee
   25-9-22   Certificate of occupancy; issuance
   25-9-23   Mobile homes; placement; restrictions
   25-9-24   Additions; permit
   25-9-25   Licensee; duty; generally
   25-9-26   License violations; notice to cease
   25-9-27   License; revocation; suspension; grounds
   25-9-28   License; revocation; suspension; procedure
   25-9-29   License; issuance; after revocation or suspension
   25-9-30   Nonconforming parks; defined; requirements; license
   25-9-31   Lessees; agents; provisions applicable