An application for a certificate of occupancy to conduct a home occupation must be made to the Planning and Building Director in writing in accordance with Article 16 of this chapter, except that:
   (A)   Section 25-16-3 of this chapter shall not apply;
   (B)   No certificate of occupancy to conduct a home occupation shall be required in respect of the following activities: stenographic and secretarial work; clerical or bookkeeping work or draftsmanship which is solely incidental to a home occupation or to an occupation carried on outside the premises by a member of the household; writing; telephone, radio or televised communications; sewing; knitting; cooking; art work; emergency medical treatment; performance of religious or civil rites; and occasional business or professional meetings, consultations or conferences; and
   (C)   Nursery schools shall not be required to comply with this section, but shall comply with Article 16 of this chapter. If the Development Services Director finds that a home occupation would create any conditions prohibited by this chapter, a certificate of occupancy therefor shall not be issued.
(Ord. 3639, passed - -2000)