The following home occupations may be conducted in an R or A District if carried on solely by one or more members of the household: stenographic and secretarial work; clerical or bookkeeping work or draftsmanship which is solely incidental to any other home occupation mentioned in this section, or to an occupation carried on outside the premises by a member of the household; writing; telephone, radio, or televised communications; sewing; knitting; cooking; arts activities; indoor instruction of groups not exceeding ten persons in arts, crafts, or recreational skills, and incidental use of equipment and materials not incompatible with residential use of zoned area; emergency medical treatment; performance of religious or civil rites; and occasional business or professional meetings, consultations, or conferences. Provided, the business of telephone, radio, or televised communications may be carried on by one or more members of the household and not to exceed at any one time more than one employee who is not a member of the household.
(Ord. 3639, passed - -2000)