9-4-10: PUBLIC GROUNDS 1 :
   A.   An area of at least three and one-half percent (31/2%) of the total and unimproved residential area to be subdivided shall be designated as public site or open space and indicated on the preliminary plat of any residential subdivision. A cash equivalent, subject to acceptability and approval of the village, may be substituted in lieu of land requirements. (Ord., 12-27-2007; amd. 2009 Code)
   B.   Each subdivision plat shall designate such areas as may be needed for school sites, park sites, or other public lands as from time to time determined by the president and board of trustees. Land so designated cannot be used for any other purpose for one year following the approval of the plat; if such land is not acquired by purchase or condemnation by the appropriate board or commission within one year after approval, it may be used in any manner consistent with the ordinances applicable thereto.
   C.   Natural features such as trees, brooks, hilltops and views shall be preserved wherever reasonable.
   D.   Parks situated in the interior of blocks shall have direct and public access to surrounding streets and shall be covered by agreements as to maintenance. (Ord., 12-27-2007)



1. See also section 9-1-9 of this title.