A.   All offerings or dedications of land to the village for use as streets, alleys, highways, schools, parks, playgrounds, or other public use shall be referred to the president and board of trustees for review and recommendation before being accepted by the village board of trustees.
   B.   When a final plat of a subdivision has been approved by the village board of trustees and all other required approvals are obtained and the plat is recorded, that approval shall constitute acceptance for the purpose designated on the plat of all lands shown on the plat as dedicated to the public, including street dedication.
   C.   Whenever a preliminary plat includes a proposed dedication of land to public use and the village finds that such land is not required or not suitable for public use, the village may either refuse to approve such dedication or require the rearrangement of lots in the proposed subdivision to include such land. (Ord., 12-27-2007)