A.   Lots subject to flooding and lots deemed by the president and board of trustees to be uninhabitable shall not be platted for residential occupancy nor for such other uses which may increase danger to health, life, or property or aggravate the flood hazard. Such land within the plat shall be set aside for such uses that shall not be endangered by periodic or occasional inundation or shall not produce unsatisfactory living conditions.
   B.   No land shall be subdivided for residential use which is held by the village, after an investigation by the village engineer, to be unsuitable for such use by reason of flooding or bad drainage, adverse earth or rock formation or topography, or any other feature likely to be harmful to the health, safety, or welfare of the future residents in the proposed subdivision or of the community. However, the subdivision of land which is subject to stream overflow may be permitted if the special requirements described in chapter 3, article B of this title have been completed or proper assurance given that they will be completed subject to approval by the village engineer. (Ord., 12-27-2007)