8-1-2: PURPOSES:
This title is adopted for the following general purposes:
   A.   To divide the village and such adjacent unincorporated areas, as permitted by statute, into zoning districts and regulating within said districts the location, erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, and use of buildings, structures, and land.
   B.   To regulate the intensity of the use of lot areas and to control the area of open spaces around such buildings or structures so as to provide adequate light, air, privacy, convenience of access, and the protection of the public health.
   C.   To protect and preserve the character, value, and stability of the residential, business, industrial, agricultural and public areas within the village and such adjacent unincorporated areas as may be permitted by state statutes, and to promote the orderly and beneficial development of such areas.
   D.   To prohibit uses, buildings, or structures incompatible with, or deleterious to, the character of development or intended uses within specified zoning districts.
   E.   To prevent additions to, and alterations and remodeling of, existing buildings or structures in such a way as to avoid the restrictions and limitations lawfully imposed hereunder.
   F.   To limit congestion of public streets and protect public health, safety, pedestrian rights, convenience and general welfare by regulating vehicular parking areas and loading areas.
   G.   To provide for the gradual elimination of nonconforming uses of land, buildings, and structures which are adversely affecting the character, the intended use, or the value of desirable development as specified for each district.
   H.   To designate public areas and land for aesthetic, cultural, and recreational purposes for the health, welfare, comfort, safety, and enjoyment of people, conveniently located and easily accessible to residents of all ages.
   I.   To secure safety from fire, explosives, noxious fumes, panic, and other dangers in the interest of public health, safety, comfort, and general welfare.
   J.   To conserve the taxable value of land and buildings throughout the village.
   K.   To provide penalties for violation of this title as may be permitted by state statutes.
   L.   To define and limit the powers and duties of the administrative officers and bodies as provided herein so as to ensure the rights of equal treatment, due process, and the public interest and in accordance with state statutes.
   M.   To attain the objectives established by the comprehensive plan for the future development of the village.
   N.   To control floodplain uses such as fill, dumping, storage of materials, structures, buildings, and any other works which, acting alone or in combination with other existing or future uses, will cause damaging flood heights and velocities by obstructing flows and reducing valley storage.
   O.   To control development which will, when acting alone or in combination with similar development, cause flood losses if public streets, sewer, water, and other utilities must be extended below the flood level to serve the development.
   P.   To control development which will, when acting alone or in combination with similar development, create an additional burden to the public to pay the costs of rescue, relief, emergency preparedness measures, sandbagging, pumping, and temporary dikes or levees. (Amended Ord., 2-15-1993, eff. 2-26-1993)