A.   Rates And Charges Established: There shall be and there are hereby established rates or charges for the use of and for the service supplied by the waterworks system of the village, as follows: (Ord., 10-26-1987; amd. 2009 Code)
      1.   Residential: For each residential user of the water service, the monthly charge shall be a flat rate of eleven dollars fifty cents ($11.50). (Ord., 10-26-1987; amd. per minutes dated 11-24-2008)
      2.   Commercial: For each commercial user of the water service, the monthly charge shall be a flat rate of twelve dollars ($12.00).
      3.   Public Schools: For the public schools located in the village, the monthly charge shall be a flat charge of fifty five dollars ($55.00).
      4.   Fire Protection District: For the fire protection district serving the village and surrounding territory, the charge shall be four hundred dollars ($400.00) per year, payable monthly. (Ord., 10-26-1987)
      5.   Use Of Firehouse Water: A charge of two dollars ($2.00) per one thousand (1,000) gallons will be assessed for water that is taken from the firehouse and transported to other areas for storage and use. (Per minutes dated 11-30-1987)
   B.   Application Of Rates And Charges:
      1.   The payment of rates described above shall cover all reasonable usage within and upon the customer's premises, but not including irrigation or extensive watering of gardens and lawns, or watering of livestock or other usage which the president and board of trustees shall determine as being unreasonable.
      2.   The rates shall apply to each single-family unit, commercial unit or premises served as the president and board of trustees may determine exist in apartment or multipurpose buildings. (Ord., 10-26-1987; amd. 2009 Code)
   C.   Bills For Service; Liability Of Owner:
      1.   The rates or charges for service shall be payable monthly. The owner of the premises shall be liable to pay for the service on such premises. The service is furnished to the premises by the village only upon the condition that the owner of the premises shall be liable therefor to the village with the exception of a single-family residence that is rented (see subsection C2 of this section). Billing is rendered in advance. Bills shall be sent out on the twentieth day of each month, and payment is due by the first day of the following month. A penalty of five dollars ($5.00) shall be added to all bills that are not paid by the tenth day of the month after which bills have been rendered. (Ord., 2-28-2000; amd. 2009 Code)
      2.   In the case of a single-family residence that is rented, at the request of the owner of the premises, in writing, to the village, the village will send the water bill to the renter. Prior to this being done, the owner of the premises shall sign a statement acknowledging that the owner is still responsible for any unpaid charges should the renter fail to pay. (Ord., 2-28-2000)
   D.   Delinquent Bills A Lien: In the event the charges for service are not paid within forty (40) days after rendition of the bill for such monthly service, such charges shall be deemed and are hereby declared to be delinquent, and thereafter such delinquencies shall constitute liens upon the real estate for which such service is supplied, and the village clerk is hereby authorized and directed to file sworn statements showing such delinquencies in the office of the county recorder of deeds, and the filing of such statements in the pertinent offices shall be deemed notice for the payment of such charges for such service. (Ord., 10-26-1987)
   E.   Discontinuance Of Service For Nonpayment; Turnoff And Turn On Fee: There shall be a twenty five dollar ($25.00) shutoff fee and a twenty five dollar ($25.00) turn back on fee for any water services discontinued 1 . The village shall send a registered letter of shutoff to any person who is delinquent for two (2) or more months. This notice shall be sent to the landowner and to any renter pursuant to subsection C of this section. The village shall shut off and discontinue water services on the day immediately following the third month of delinquency. No water service shall be continued until all charges have been paid in full. (Ord., 2-28-2000)
   F.   Administration Of Charges: It is hereby made the duty of the village treasurer to render bills for service and for all rates and charges in connection therewith and to collect all monies due thereon.
   G.   Revenues Separate; Disposition:
      1.   All revenues and monies derived from the operation of the waterworks system shall be held by the village treasurer separate and apart from his private funds and separate and apart from all other funds of the village. (Ord., 10-26-1987; amd. 2009 Code)
      2.   The village treasurer shall receive all such revenues from the waterworks system and all other funds and monies incident to the operation of such system as the same may be delivered to him and deposit the same in a separate fund designated as the "waterworks fund of the village of Scales Mound", and the treasurer shall administer such fund in every respect in the manner provided by the provisions of 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes, and all laws amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto. (Ord., 10-26-1987)
   H.   Accounting: The village treasurer shall establish a proper system of accounts and shall keep proper books, records and accounts in which complete and correct entries shall be made of all transactions relative to the waterworks system, and at regular annual intervals, he shall cause to be made an audit by an independent auditing concern of the books to show the receipts and disbursements of the waterworks system.
   I.   Notice Of Responsibility For Service: A copy of the ordinance codified herein, properly certified by the village clerk, shall be filed in the office of the county recorder of deeds and shall be deemed notice to all owners of real estate of their liability for service supplied to any user of the service of the waterworks system of the village on their properties. (Ord., 10-26-1987)



1. See also section 7-2-5 of this title.