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   (A)   Maintenance. The owner, person in charge, or occupant of a building, house or structure where domestic solid waste accumulates shall maintain proper refuse receptacles as defined in this chapter, and shall place, or cause to be placed, in such receptacles all domestic solid waste accumulating on the premises, provided that bulk refuse, recyclable materials and yard waste may be stored in a condition properly prepared for collection as specified in this chapter.
   (B)   Residential. The person in charge of every residential building having four or less residential units shall maintain and keep clean proper receptacles to house domestic waste.
   (C)   Commercial, industrial and multiple residential. The person in charge of a building consisting of five or more residential units, and every building used as a commercial or industrial business, shall provide and keep clean and in place proper receptacles of a portable type as defined in this chapter, provided that if the city determines that portable receptacles are not practical for a multiple dwelling, commercial or industrial business, it may authorize the use of non-portable receptacles as defined in this chapter.
   (D)   Portable receptacles. Portable receptacles for domestic sold waste shall be of metal, fiberglass, plastic or other substantial construction approved by the city. Such receptacles shall have handles and tight fitting covers and shall not exceed 96 gallons each in capacity.
   (E)   Non-portable receptacles. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner or agent being serviced to maintain the non-portable receptacle area free of odors, scattered or overflowing debris and all other nuisances. All garbage shall be properly wrapped or placed within a closed plastic bag before it is placed in a non-portable receptacle. The city may at any time order the relocation or screening of a dumpster if it is deemed to be interfering with the health, safety or well being of others.
   (F)   Location. All non-portable receptacles shall be placed and collected in a location designated by the city. Such receptacles shall be located so that the permitted collectors will not have to trespass on the private property of another in order to pick up such receptacles. In no event shall nonportable receptacles be placed in or upon public property, easements, or public rights-of-way. All portable receptacles shall be stored upon the premises, and shall not be set out for collection prior to 12:00 p.m. preceding the day of collection, and after the receptacles are emptied they shall be returned to their place of storage on the same day collections are made. No empty portable receptacles shall be stored on city property including the public right-of-way, sidewalks and streets.
   (G)   Non-conforming receptacles. Receptacles that are badly broken or otherwise fail to meet the requirements of this chapter may be classified as rubbish and, after due notice to the owner, may be collected as rubbish by the contractor.
(Ord. 080922-1, passed 9-22-2008) Penalty, see § 50.99