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   (A)   Accumulation of refuse or garbage. No owner and/or person in control of a residential unit, commercial establishment or industrial facility shall permit the accumulation of refuse, garbage or solid waste upon his or her premises for a period that would pose a health hazard, subject adjacent property occupants to unreasonably offensive odors or become a public nuisance. The accumulation of refuse, garbage or solid waste for a period in excess of seven days shall be prima facie evidence of posing a health hazard and creating a public nuisance.
   (B)   Composting storage. Leaves, yard waste and vegetable waste may be stored for composting purposes as long as they do not harbor rodents, subject adjacent property owners to an unreasonably offensive odor or become a public nuisance, provided compost is stored in the rear yard and located not closer than ten feet from the property line.
   (C)   Alternate means of disposal. Residential units that are not participating units are required to provide alternative means of disposing of solid waste. Only a designated collector can collect and transport domestic solid waste in the city.
(Ord. 080922-1, passed 9-22-2008)