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   (A)   Application. Application for a building permit to construct, alter, repair, move, or demolish any structure or install or alter any signage or fence structure in a historic district shall be made to the Historic District Administrator who shall notify the Commission of the receipt of the application and shall convey the application, supporting plans and documents, and any other pertinent information, to the Commission.
   (B)   Supporting documents. When applying for a building permit under division (A), the applicant shall provide the following supporting documents, where applicable:
      (1)   Photographs of the structure and its relationship to adjacent structures.
      (2)   A plot plan with the placement of the proposed addition, or location of fencing to be constructed.
      (3)   Elevation drawings of the exterior of the structure.
      (4)   Samples of all proposed exterior finishes and materials.
      (5)   Photographs showing, in detail, the problem areas to be addressed during the proposed repair or alteration.
      (6)   A scale drawing of all proposed signage, including design, colors, lettering style, type of illumination (if any), placement or location on the lot or building, and the type of support(s) for the sign(s).
      (7)   If an application for signage is made by tenants of a building located within a historic district, the tenants must obtain written permission from the building owner to install or alter the proposed sign(s).
   (C)   Review of application by the Commission. Unless otherwise provided for by this chapter, the Commission shall review applications and plans for the construction, alteration, repair, moving, partial or total demolition of resources and the installation or alteration of signs and fencing in a historic district before a certificate of appropriateness, notice to proceed, or building permit can be granted or issued.
      (1)   Exterior features. The Commission shall review and act upon applications for work affecting the exterior appearance of a resource.
      (2)   Interior features. The Commission shall review and act upon applications for work affecting the interior appearance of a resource only where the work will cause visible change to the exterior appearance of the resource.
      (3)   Fences and signs. The Commission shall review and act upon applications concerning the installation, construction, repair, or alteration of all fences and signs located within a historic district.
   (D)   Guidelines.
      (1)   In reviewing applications and plans submitted under this chapter, the Commission shall follow U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Structures as set forth in 36 C.F.R. part 67, as amended. Additional guidelines may be developed and followed if they are equivalent in guidance to the Secretary's standards and guidelines and are approved by the Center. Any additional guidelines must be adopted by the Commission and approved by the City Council. In reviewing applications and plans, the Commission shall also give consideration to:
         (a)   The historical or architectural significance of the resource and its relationship to the historic value of the surrounding area.
         (b)   The compatibility of the exterior of the structure and the space around it with the visual or historical context of the surrounding area.
         (c)   The impact of the exterior of the structure and the space around it on the village/rural character and contextual aesthetic of the city.
         (d)   Other factors which the Commission considers to be pertinent.
      (2)   In exercising its authority to approve or deny an application under this chapter, the Commission shall exercise its educated judgment on a case-by-case basis in interpreting these guidelines and the following the applicable standards.
   (E)   Experts. The Commission shall have the power to consult with experts, when necessary, to aid in its deliberations.
   (F)   Decision. The Commission shall act within 60 days after the date a complete application is filed, unless an extension is agreed upon in writing by the applicant and the Commission. The Commission shall issue a certificate of appropriateness or a notice to proceed if it approves of the plans submitted to it for review. Failure to act by the Commission within 60 days shall be considered to constitute approval of the application and the Historic District Administrator shall issue a notice to proceed to the Building Inspector.
   (G)   Certificate of appropriateness or notice to proceed.
      (1)   The Commission shall file with the Historic District Administrator a certificate of appropriateness or notice to proceed if the Commission approves the application. No building permit shall be issued or work begun until the certificate of appropriateness or notice to proceed has been filed.
      (2)   Any changes or alterations made to the original approved plans shall be submitted to the Commission for approval under § 152.08. Alterations made without the Commission's approval shall be considered work without a permit under § 152.09.
      (3)   Any work performed under an approved application or part thereof must be completed within one year from the date of approval. Upon the expiration of one year following the date of approval, the application and permit become void and the applicant must reapply for a permit, unless the applicant applies for an extension, which shall be for no longer than one year, and such extension is approved by the Commission.
      (4)   Issuance of a certificate of appropriateness or notice to proceed does not absolve the applicant from its obligation to comply with the Zoning and Building Code requirements of the city or other applicable local, state or federal requirements.
   (H)   Denial of plans. If the Commission denies plans submitted to it for review, no permit shall be issued or work begun or performed. The Commission shall state its reasons for denying the plans and shall transmit a record of such action and reasons therefore in writing to the Historic District Administrator and to the applicant. The Commission may advise the applicant regarding what work is appropriate under this chapter and the applicant may make modifications to the original plans. The applicant shall have the right to resubmit the application and modified plans to the Commission for approval.
(Ord. passed 3-27-2000; Am. Ord. 080324-1, passed 3-24-2008)