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   (A)   If an owner whose plans have received a certificate of appropriateness or notice to proceed wishes to change the approved plans in any way, regardless how minor the changes, the owner shall apply to the Commission for approval of such changes prior to commencing work that incorporates the changes.
   (B)   If the Commission finds that an owner has proceeded with work that involved a deviation from the original approved plans, without seeking approval under division (A), it shall cause a stop work order to be issued with regard to the portion of the work that involves the change(s).
      (1)   The owner shall thereafter apply to the Commission for approval of the desired change to the original approved plans.
      (2)   If the desired changes are not approved, the owner shall dismantle the unapproved work and proceed with the work as originally approved.
   (C)   If the owner does not or cannot comply with the division (B), the Commission may seek an order from the circuit court allowing the Commission or its agents to enter the property and conduct work necessary to restore the resource to its former condition or modify the work so that it complies with the original plans as approved by the Commission. The costs of the work shall be charged to the owner and may be levied by the city as a special assessment against the property.
(Ord. passed 3-27-2000; Am. Ord. 080324-1, passed 3-24-2008)