(A)   A limited exclusion from this chapter is hereby authorized as follows:
      (1)   The site plan review criteria do not apply to hazardous substances packaged for personal or household use or present in the same form and concentration as a product packaged for use by the general public.
      (2)   The site plan review requirements do not apply to products held in containers with a volume of less than 40 gallons and packaged for retail use.
      (3)   The total excluded substances containing hazardous substances may not exceed the lesser of 200 gallons or one thousand 1,000 pounds at any time.
      (4)   Substances in parked or stopped vehicle in transit, provided that a commercial vehicle is stopped or parked for less than 72 hours.
      (5)   Substances, such as gasoline or oil, in operable motor vehicles or boats if used solely for the operation of the vehicle, but not the tanker portion of a tank truck.
      (6)   Pressurized gases in storage tanks.
   (B)   All parcels outside of the WHPA.
(Ord. 190909-1, passed 9-9-2019)