Site plan review procedures. Applications for projects subject to this chapter shall include the following information in addition to what is required under Chapter 154.
   (A)   Existing and proposed land use deed restrictions, if any.
   (B)   Location and outline of all existing septic tanks and drain fields.
   (C)   Location of any floor drains in proposed structures on the site. The point of discharge for all drains and pipes shall be specified on the site plan.
   (D)   Location of existing and proposed public and private drinking water wells, monitoring wells, irrigation wells, test wells, wells used for industrial processes or wells that have no identified use.
   (E)   Inventory of hazardous substances to be stored, used or generated on-site, including CAS numbers.
   (F)   Description and drawings showing size and location for any existing or proposed aboveground and underground storage tanks, piping lines and dispensers.
   (G)   Descriptions of type of operations proposed for the project and drawings showing size, location, and description of any proposed interior or exterior areas of structures for storing, using, loading or unloading of hazardous substances.
   (H)   Reported delineation of areas on the site which are known or suspected to be contaminated, together with a report on the status of cleanup or closure.
   (I)   Completion of the EGLE Environmental Permits Checklist.
(Ord. 190909-1, passed 9-9-2019)