General Provisions
   96.01   Depositing matter
   96.02   Dripping oil
   96.03   Storage of personal property
   96.04   Bench or chair on sidewalk
   96.05   Locating other objects on sidewalk
   96.07   Burning of waste on streets prohibited
   96.08   Playing ball or shooting in streets
   96.09   Violations constitute nuisance
   96.10   Abatement of nuisance; costs
   96.11   Fees
Encroachments Upon Public Streets
   96.20   Definitions
   96.21   Permits
   96.22   Bonds
   96.23   Fees
   96.24   Revocation of permit
   96.25   Notice of commencement of encroachment work
   96.26   Protection and repair of facilities
   96.27   Restoration of right-of-way
   96.28   Uncovered excavation deemed nuisance; abatement
   96.29   Conditions by which department to do work; charge to owner
   96.30   Delay of encroachment work
   96.31   Emergency work
   96.32   Construction standards
   96.33   Open trench work
   96.34   Cleanup
   96.35   Erection and maintenance of safety devices
   96.36   Assumption of liability
   96.37   Persons performing work not to be relieved from liability
   96.38   Appeal
   96.39   Excavation in recently resurfaced public streets
Street Width
   96.50   Right-of-way defined; placement of structures within
   96.51   Street dedications and standard improvements
   96.52   Exemptions
   96.53   Permits
Building Numbering
   96.65   Numbers to be placed on all entrances
   96.66   Apportionment of numbers
   96.67   Placement of odd and even numbers
   96.68   Use of fractional numbers
   96.69   Adoption of official house and building numbering map
   96.70   Vacant lots not required to be numbered
   96.71   Building Inspector to enforce provisions