(A)   If the owner anticipates that displacement shall continue or if displacement actually continues for more than 60 days, the owner shall provide to the tenants the relocation assistance required in this section.
   (B)   The owner, at the owner's expense, shall provide the following relocation assistance and benefits under this section:
      (1)   Alternative safe and legal housing for the tenants at no additional rent or cost than previously paid by the tenants for a period of three months from the date of displacement or pay to the tenants a replacement housing payment which shall be the greater of:
         (a)   An amount equal to three months' fair market rent for an alternative housing unit, as established by the most current HUD schedule for fair market rents for a unit of comparable size in the same general area as the unit; or
         (b)   An amount equal to three months of the rental amount for the unit.
      (2)   If the tenant elects not to reoccupy the unit, return to the tenants any security deposit or cleaning fee not permitted to be retained by the owner under applicable law within the period specified under applicable law.
      (3)   Moving expenses of the tenants for any displacement under this section, which shall be the lesser of three written estimates, two of which shall be obtained by the tenant, and the other by the owner or the owner's agent.
      (4)   Any additional necessary employment and education transportation costs to the tenants arising as a result of the displacement for a maximum of three months from the date of displacement.
   (C)   To the extent feasible, the owner shall provide any alternative housing required under this section in a location in the vicinity of the unit.
   (D)   The relocation assistance required under this section shall be provided by the owner at least 30 days prior to the displacement of the tenants.
   (E)   The relocation assistance required by §§ 92.06, 92.07, and 92.08 shall be cumulative.
(Ord. 1011, passed 11-4-96)