(A)   If tenants are displaced on a non-emergency basis because of repair or rehabilitation of a unit and the tenants are expected to be able to reoccupy the unit within 60 days from the date of displacement, the owner shall provide to the tenants the relocation assistance required by this section until such time as the tenants are able to reoccupy the unit or until the benefits set forth in § 92.08 are provided.
   (B)   The owner, at the owner's expense, shall provide the following relocation assistance and benefits under this section:
      (1)   Alternative safe and legal temporary housing for the tenants at no additional rent or cost than previously paid by the tenants, or shall pay the difference between the rent paid on the unit and the fair market rent for alternative safe and legal temporary housing as established by the most current HUD schedule for fair market rents, for a unit of comparable size in the same general area as the unit for the tenant for the first 30 days of displacement and related costs and the full rent costs thereafter until such time as the owner's obligation terminates under § 92.08.
      (2)   Any additional necessary employment and education transportation costs to the tenants arising as a result of the displacement.
      (3)   Furnishings appropriate for the tenants in the alternative housing required in this section.
      (4)   Reasonable security for all of the tenants' furnishings and other personal property remaining in the unit until the tenants reoccupy the unit.
   (C)   To the extent feasible, the owner shall provide any alternative housing required under this section in a location in the vicinity of the unit.
   (D)   The owner shall provide advance written notice by personal service or by certified mail of not less than 10 business days prior to any non-emergency short-term displacement. Displacement shall not occur during any period for which rent was due and paid.
   (E)   The relocation assistance required under this section shall be provided by the owner prior to the displacement of the tenants.
(Ord. 1011, passed 11-4-96)