General Provisions
   71.001   Driving through funeral procession
   71.002   Riding or driving on sidewalks
   71.003   New pavement markings
   71.004   Limited access
   71.005   Restrictions on use of freeways
   71.006   Erection of and obedience to barriers and signs
   71.007   Trains not to block crossing
Speed Limits
   71.020   Establishment of speed limits
Turning Movements
   71.030   Placement and obedience to turning markers
   71.031   Restricted turn signs
   71.032   Signs prohibiting right turn against stop signal
One-Way Streets and Alleys
   71.045   Placement of and obedience to signs
Special Stops
   71.055   Through street and intersections; City Engineer to erect stop signs
   71.056   Emerging from alley, driveway or building
   71.070   Establishment and marking of crosswalks
   71.071   Use of crosswalk required
Use Restrictions on Certain Streets
   71.080   Certain vehicles prohibited in central traffic district
   71.081   Advertising vehicles on city streets
   71.082   Animal-drawn vehicles in central traffic district
   71.083   Truck route establishment and designation
   71.084   Use of certain streets by commercial vehicles prohibited; exception
Interstate Trucks
   71.095   Definitions
   71.096   Purpose
   71.097   Application
   71.098   Fees and costs
   71.099   Retrofitting
   71.100   Revocation of route
   71.101   Appeal process
   Regulations for motor vehicles at drive-in restaurants, see § 122.04
Statutory reference:
   Local traffic rules and regulations, see Cal. Veh. Code §§ 21100 et seq.