Unless the contrary is stated or clearly appears from the context, the following definitions govern the construction of the words and phrases used in this chapter.
   COSTS REASONABLY BORNE includes the following elements:
      (1)   All applicable direct costs including, without limitation, salaries, wages, fringe benefits, services and supplies, operation expenses, contracted services, special supplies, and any other direct expense incurred;
      (2)   All applicable indirect costs including, without limitation, building maintenance and operations, equipment maintenance, communications, printing and reproduction, and like distributed expenses;
      (3)   Fixed assets recovery expenses consisting of depreciation on fixed assets, and additional charges, calculated on the current estimated cost of replacement, divided by the approximate life expectancy of the fixed asset, together with further additional charges to make up the depreciation not previously recovered and reserved in cash for the purpose of recovering such unrecovered depreciation over the remaining life of the asset;
      (4)   General overhead, expressed as a percentage, distributing and charging the expenses of the City Council and the offices and departments of the City Manager, Finance, City Clerk, City Attorney, Public Services, Housing and Community Development, Human Services, Fire, Police, and all other staff and support services.
   STUDY means a comprehensive fee study prepared by a third party financial expert for the purpose of establishing administrative overhead; recovering 100% of costs associated with municipal services; and providing a mechanism for automatically adjusting such fees on an annual basis using objective criteria.
(Ord. 1236, passed 6-20-11)