In the event of the proclamation of a local disaster or an emergency as provided in this chapter, or the proclamation of a state of emergency by the Governor or the Director of the California Disaster Office or during a "state of war emergency," which condition exists immediately, with or without a proclamation thereof by the Governor whenever this state or nation is attacked by an enemy of the United States, or upon receipt by the state of a warning from the federal government indicating that such an enemy attack is probable or imminent, the Director is hereby empowered:
   (A)   To make and issue rules and regulations on matters reasonably related to the protection of life and property as affected by such disaster; provided, however, that such rules and regulations be confirmed at the earliest practicable time by the Council;
   (B)   To obtain vital supplies, equipment and such other properties found lacking and needed for the protection of the life and property of the people and to bind the city for the fair value thereof, and if required immediately, to commandeer the same for public use;
   (C)   To require emergency services of any city officer or employee and, in the event of the proclamation of a state of disaster or state of emergency by the Governor in the region in which this city is located, to command the aid of as many citizens of this community as he or she thinks necessary in the execution of their duties. Such persons shall be entitled to all privileges, benefits and immunities as are provided by state law for registered civil defense and disaster service volunteers;
   (D)   To requisition necessary personnel or material of any city department or agency; and
   (E)   To execute all of their ordinary power as City Manager, all of the special powers conferred upon them by this chapter or by resolution adopted pursuant thereto, all powers conferred upon them by any statute, agreement approved by the City Council, or by any other lawful authority, and in conformity with Cal. Gov't Code § 38791, to exercise complete authority over the city and to exercise all police power vested in the city by the Constitution and the general laws.
(‘81 Code, § 8.12.060) (Am. Ord. 1288, passed 12-4-19)